Prize Donations

Personal Donations

For every $25 in value that you donate, you will receive one entry into the Convention Donation Drawing.
If you donate two (2) $25 prizes, you receive two (2) entries, three (3) $25 prizes, three (3) entries, etc.

Donations must be new and unused.

If you wish to donate cash, make checks payable to 25th Annual Sweepstakes Convention.

If you Wish to donate gift cards, remember that convention attendees come all over the US and may have a problem using a gift card that is only valid in your home state or region.

Remember, donate what you as a sweeper would like t0 Win.

Send receipt(s) t0 verify prize value if value is not stated. Prizes without receipts will be left to the discretion of the convention committee.

Any donations sent prior to the convention will enter you into the Convention Donation Drawing. Any prizes you bring to the convention to donate will not be eligible for the drawing.

Donations must be received by July 28, 2014 to be entered into the drawing.

Each $25 donation must be accompanied by a 3X5 card that lists:

  • Prize 
  • Value of Prize
  • NAZT and e-mail address

What you can win as a result of your donation:
Grand Prize  $500 Apple Gift Card
First Prize - $250 Apple Gift Card

Please mail donations to...

The 25th National Sweepstakes Convention
c/o Mark Roland
401 South County Road
Suite 3477
Palm Beach FL 33480

We can use the Post Office box as a street/suite address to receive large packages weighing no more than 70 lbs.

Club/Vendor/Future Convention Host Donations

For Club Donations, use your club name as the Donor Name, but also add a Contact person to send the prize if your club is the Winner.

Club prize  $100

For Vendor and Future Convention Host Donations the same rules apply. Use your Vendor business name or Convention name as the donor, but also add a Contact person to send the prize if you are the Vendor winner.

Vendor prize  $50

If the winning donor is present in Orlando, they will receive their prize at the convention and if they are not able to attend, the winner will be contacted with the information supplied on their 3x5 card.

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